Island Land Surveying Ltd.

Island Land Surveying Ltd. provides the following professional geomatic services:

  • Legal Surveys - We can provide assistance for your project from the initial conceptual design plans through the approval process to final Land Title & Survey Authority registration.
  • Land Title, Strata Property Act & Land Act plans including: Subdivisions, Bare Land Strata Plans, Condominium and Townhouse Strata Plans, Right of Way, Easement & Covenant Plans, Air Space Parcels, Foreshore & Building Leases, Posting Plans to re-establish lost boundary posts, Natural Boundary establishment plans
  • Control Surveys - Global Positioning Surveys (GPS) where precise control is required
  • Integrated Survey Control Monument establishment
  • Engineering Surveys - Surveys of works, structures or utilities for engineers & engineering layout
  • Topographic Surveys - Topographic survey plans showing existing property features, structures and elevations for development design or building planning purposes
  • Construction, Building & Boundary Surveys - Positioning of buildings for excavation purposes and foundation construction
  • Building location certificates detailing the location of structures with respect to property boundaries for building inspection or purchase purposes
  • Boundary marking and site plans showing specific features relative to boundaries
  • Environmental Assessment Surveys - Surveys of riparian areas as required by environmental professionals
  • Monitoring well surveys to establish geodetic vertical and horizontal positions